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The formation of the new band

The revival of the Leeton Town Band, after 42 years in recession, was conceived after the 2006 Leeton Eisteddfod. Ruth Tait, a local music teacher, observed how few players were entered in the various instrumental sections and identified a need for instruments other than piano to be showcased.

Ruth contacted local private music teachers, high school music teachers and community members, with an overwhelmingly positive response. The first Band 'gathering' was held the The Roxy Theatre on a Wednesday evening in November 2006, playing scores borrowed from Chrissy Alexander of Leeton. It was attended by: Chrissy Alexander (sax), Ruth Tait (piano, conductor), Ian Bull (brass - trumpet), Chandra Hale(french horn), Richard Carrol(clarinet), Fiona Stevens (flute), Geoffrey Hill(sax), Alex Hill (flute), Steve Hill (wonderful supporter and all 'round good guy)

The bands first public performance was ANZAC Day 2007, to a welcoming audience, and from that time on band has enjoyed a steady schedule stream of public performances, and a constantly increasing musical repertoire.

In June 2007, the Band formed a Committee, and applied for a monetary grant from the Wade Sports Club which was granted to purchase music scores. Thus the Leeton Town Band was re-born.

See Photos of the band.

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